Sales and Marketing, whether inbound or outbound, is an art whose effectiveness is measured by results.  These results are key since these two functions are a significant cost to any company.  That is why Protel BPO, cognizant of this fact, treats each client’s sales campaign  with the utmost professionalism and dedication required to make it successful.  Your success is Protel’s success!

By engaging us to take on the responsibility of driving your sales, you are choosing a company whose goal is to exceed your expectations.

Customer Service

Customer service is the brand by which a company is known by its customers.  Customers will return to re-experience a good service or they will flee to the competition because of an unpleasant experience.  To provide total customer satisfaction is what drives us to provide the highest quality of customer service to your customers.   We do this by providing intense training to our Customer Interaction Specialists (CIS), live monitoring,  recording of all calls and a constant internal audit of the interactions between the CIS and the customer.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the precursor to a sale!!  The better the lead the higher the probability of converting that lead to a sale.  Protel prides itself in qualifying and generating hot leads and passing them to you either as a hot transfer or a callback,  so that you will be able to concentrate only on closing the sale.

Appointment Setting

Our appointment setting service is designed to do the non-core appointments for the client so that you will be able to focus on the meeting and the core offering.  This creates value for you because not only will we be able to save you by letting us handle this function, but because we specialize in this type of service we will be able to get more and better appointments for you.  Whatever your industry is and you need to meet your customers or clientele, we can set those quality appointments for you.

Live chat, email, and social media support

We offer live chat, emails and social media support services to our clients for their customer service needs.  You let us know what your needs are and we will tailor a product that meets your needs and generate the results you want.

Virtual Assistant and IVR Services

We offer virtual assistant services so that you can give that personal touch without being here.   We offer for administrative functions such as call answering services, messaging, call forwarding and other administrative needs the client may have.

If you do not need live agent support, we offer IVR services in automated call answering, Customer service messaging and greeting messages.

Back Office Processing

If you need back office support in data entry, accounting, form filling or other areas  feel free to contact us.